Brushed Beauty’s Whipped Body Polishes are a fragrant and alluring blend of all the perfect ingredients to leave your skin luxuriously smooth and flawlessly hydrated. This ultimate dry and lackluster skin solution is composed of an innovative formula containing:

  • Majestic mango butter and sweet sunflower oil that deliver antioxidizing and anti-aging benefits, which protect the skin’s surface to retain a youthful look,

  • Essential vitamin E found in olive oil, providing unmatched moisture, and

  • Sugar, a natural scrubbing, and polishing agent that eliminates dead skin 


Choose one or both of the two tantalizing flavors – Lemon Poundcake or Orange Creamsicle to give your skin the 5-star treatment it deserves. This sweet and mesmerizing combination of nourishing, soothing, and softening natural components will leave you with an undeniable glow, exuberant shine, and breathtaking scent. Perfect for post-hair removal and waxing care, Brushed Beauty Whipped Body Polishes combat painful and irritating in-grown hairs by gently exfoliating the topic layer of skin to reveal a new and beautifully brightened layer beneath the surface.


Whipped Body Polish Lemon Poundcake

  • Care Instructions:

    • Each 8oz jar of Brushed Beauty Whipped Body Polish contains a miniature wooden spoon for safe and mess-free use.

    • Body Polish can be applied with hands and/or an exfoliating shower glove.

    • Use caution when applying in the shower to avoid potential slips and falls.

    • To maximize the 3–4-month shelf life, keep jar tightly sealed and contents dry at all times.